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Saga Medical Center Koseikan


400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571

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CEO's Message

Koseikan is an acute medical care hospital that provides advanced medical treatment with ample staff and the latest functions.

Akira Nakagawara,CEO
Akira Nakagawara,

Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan was founded as Saga Domain Medical School in 1834 when Naomasa Nabeshima, the 10th feudal lord of Saga, was 20 years old. Naomasa named it Koseikan (the name's calligraphy by Naomasa's hand was displayed at the medical school), which has remained to the present day. Kosei comes from a passage in the Shujing, the Chinese Book of History. At the time, many people were dying from smallpox. The first smallpox vaccine in Japan was administered at Koseikan and later began to be used throughout Japan. Koseikan celebrated its 183rd anniversary this year (2017).
In May 2013, Koseikan moved to a new building in Kase-machi in Saga City. As of April 2017, it has 450 beds, 35 departments, and 1,100 staff members, including 187 doctors (of who 30 are new clinical residents), 507 nurses, 20 midwives, 22 pharmacists, and 34 clinical technologists. Koseikan is an acute medical care hospital providing advanced medical treatment that is kind and respectful to both the minds and bodies of patients and their families as well as the residents of Saga Prefecture with ample staff and the latest functions despite the national situation in which many hospitals are experiencing a lack of doctors and nurses.
We do not content ourselves with the current situation. Not only do we provide the residents of Saga Prefecture with optimum medical treatment, pursuing safe healthcare that ensuring peace of mind, but we also have close partnerships with other medical institutions, universities, medical associations, government administration, and private organizations. We would also like to aim to provide a system that incorporates the point of view of comprehensive medical support at home.

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Local incorporated administrative agency Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan
400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571
TEL:0952-24-2171 FAX:0952-29-9390