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Saga Medical Center Koseikan


400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571

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President's Message

President Seiji Sato

Seiji Sato,President
Seiji Sato,

I became the president of the Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan on April 1 this year. Since we were established in the late Edo era, under successive presidents, we have been providing the best possible medical care to the residents of Saga as a local core hospital. Under the PFM (Patient Flow Management) system we introduced last year, for more reassuring and safer stays in our hospital, as a team we focus our resources to support our patients from when they arrive until they are discharged or transferred to another hospital. This support includes comprehending and explaining to our patients the potential risks they face and their nutritional needs even before they enter our hospital. We plan to expand our cooperation with local medical and nursing care facilities. We will continue to do our best to contribute to the community by proactively taking advanced initiatives and by providing secure and specialized medical care.
Also, in addition to developing our human resources, our duties include constantly improving how we work and our working environment in order not to detract from our sense of mission and responsibility as medical professionals.
Following our founding philosophy of "Spread the virtue of Kosei to the minds of the people," and "Without learning, it is impossible to become a good doctor," we promise to continue to strive to provide considerate and reliable medical care.
We appreciate your kind cooperation, warm advice, and guidance.

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400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571
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