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Saga Medical Center Koseikan


400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571

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President's Message

We provide medical treatment to ensure that the needs of the residents of Saga Prefecture are fulfilled.

Kenji Kodama,President
Kenji Kodama,

Welcome to Koseikan. At Koseikan, we aim to maintain and enhance the health of the residents of Saga Prefecture, utilizing our skills and expertise in preventive medicine, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Based on our core principle, "We strive to provide the best medical care and wholeheartedly help those who are sick, their families, and all the residents of Saga Prefecture," we are dedicated to providing highly advanced, safe, and secure medical treatment to fulfill the needs of the residents of Saga Prefecture, particularly the needs of every patient seeking our care.
Koseikan comprises many specialized departments and clinical centers, particularly in the fields of emergency medical care, oncology, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, and pediatric/perinatal medicine, aiming to meet your needs.
All of us at Koseikan are committed to achieving your trust through our various efforts, such as introducing state-of-the-art medical care or improving our skills and knowledge. Your continued support and understanding would be highly appreciated.

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Local incorporated administrative agency Saga-Ken Medical Centre Koseikan
400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571
TEL:0952-24-2171 FAX:0952-29-9390