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Saga Medical Center Koseikan


400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571

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Principle/Mission/Basic Values

Message from Koseikan

The meaning of “Kosei" is our spirit, “to cherish life: informed consent, patient-centered medical care"

Founding Principles

“Spread the virtue of Kosei to the minds of the people."
“Without learning, it is impossible to become a good doctor."

Founding Principles



“We strive to provide the best medical care and put our hearts into helping those that are sick, their families and all residents of Saga Prefecture."

Basic Values(Goals)

  1. Patient-centered reliable care
  2. High-quality and safe advanced medical care
  3. High-quality emergency medical care and regional collaborations
  4. Focus on learning and foster top-quality human resources
  5. Continuing business efforts and improvements to operational efficiency

Patient Rights and Obligations


  1. The right to impartial, quality medical treatment
  2. The right to an explanation of treatments and tests and the right to maintain one's agency
  3. The right to select and change care providers and the right to a second opinion
  4. The right to information about one's own treatment
  5. The right to privacy
  6. The right to be respected as an individual


  1. Obligated to communicate as accurately as possible with the healthcare provider
    The patient should give accurate information about their own state of health and their thoughts to the healthcare provider
  2. Obligated to understand and ask questions about the medical treatment the patient is receiving
    The patient should fully understand the medical treatment they are receiving and ask questions until they are satisfied
  3. Obligated to not interfere with other patients
    The patient should not interfere with another patient's treatment or hospitalization
  4. Obligated to obey the rules
    Please obey the rules made by the hospital

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400 Nakabaru, Kase-machi, Saga-shi, 840-8571
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